After 2 months of Arantepakua’s massacre, strengthens it the “Kuaricha” Community Round and security

Demián Revart

Photography: Ángel Hernández / Ruptura Colectiva (RC)

On June 5th, the community of Arantepakua in Michoacán, commemorated fighting the second month of the massacre of 3 comuneros -rural workers- and one 16 years-old student at the hands of the state police, the marine and police elements dressed of civilian the last April after a communal land conflict that extended to an excessive state crime. In this Monday afternoon, a public act was made of the Community Round “Kuaricha” (in p’ur’hépecha language, “watch/vigilance”) that veiled since then for the village security, because all devices of “security” of the Mexican State were expelled and its already not welcome.

To all action -of the richs-, correspond a reaction -of the people-.

Unlike the commemoration of the first month in May, this time it was not possible to specify the march that was scheduled on the 5th of each month due to the rainy weather, but the Chiefs of Tenure (community managers of the lands) and the traditional authorities made the delivery of shirts, caps, long-range radios and cell phones to strengthen the self-managed work of the tens of ‘Kuaris’, who have voluntarily joined the Community Round “Kuaricha”.

In the main barricade -ubicated in the junction of municipal highway with the ’20 de Noviembre’ street- the community have placed a blanket wich establishes some rules voted by uses & customs, both to facilitate the harmonization between the Kuaricha and the visitors, and to avoid any suspicion of repression or illegal traffic of merchandise between the towns that make up the p’ur’hépecha plateau.

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