Introducing the people of North Syria to cooperatives: An economy revolution after the war

خطوة نحو التعريف بالجمعيات التعاونية

Under the banner of ”The individual for the service of society, and society for the service of the individual”, The House of Cooperatives in Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli] has distributed flyers to introduce people to cooperative societies, explain how they work, and to strengthen the relationship between people and cooperatives. The members of The House of Cooperatives, the co-chairs, and some members of communes in Qamisho distributed the flyers in all of the seven neighbourhoods of Qamishlo: Suez canal, Gharbi, Antairyah, Qadur Bek, Hilaliyah, Kornish and Bsheriyah, and also in the city market. The members of The House of Cooperatives also explained the gist of what was in the flyers to the ones who couldn’t read.

The flyer reads:

Important Announcement

The methods of organisation, security and economy are some of the essential foundations that successful societies are built upon, and it is known that the economy includes industry, trade, agriculture and livestock. As leader Apo said, ”Make a commune from thy soil, water and energy”.

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a social and economic organisation based on ethical and democratic principles. It depends on the cooperation of the members of society to secure their collective basic needs, and it works on self-administration, relies on the participation of the members of society, and it protects mother nature.

Women are an essential element in cooperatives, and with the participation of women, the economy improves.

Cooperatives are against the idea of individualism and they strengthen the group spirit.

The objective of cooperatives is the joint cooperation of people and their active participation and independent organisation, because the individual is for the service of society and society is for the service of the individual, and we live according to this principle.

For more information and inquiries call the following number:

458879 – 0937085222

Our address: Bsheriyah, besides Al-Sallah mosque.

Avin Yosef, a co-chair of Shilan Cooperative in the Hilaliyah neighbourhood, said that the distribution of these flyers is an important step in developing the cooperative societies. And Muhammed Bashir Taml, a co-chair of Shahid Haqi cooperative in the Antariyah neighbourhood, said the they should work more to improve the economy of the region.

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