Mexican government seeks to disarticulate self-defense groups by imprisoning 42 “comunitarios” from Guerrero

Chilpancingo, Gro. Octuber 26th, 2017. // State police subjects community members of the municipality of Eduardo Neri that were in the exit of the locality of Zumpango del Río, principal head of this municipality// Photography: Jesús Eduardo Guerrero


Demián Revart

Little is said about the social movements that arise there where large buildings and big malls have no settlement, and because of that rural-urban separation that directly influences in the value of information of a social fact, the diffusion of its causes and reasons for breaking the standardization are not heard by the rest of Mexicans, either with a new type of political-community organization, or in this case, with the creation of an autonomous security group of the people by own hand due the collusion between the organized crime and the government at its several tiers.

Last Thursday, October 26th, an operative of the state police and the Mexican army arrested with violence 49 members federated in the Community Police of Eduardo Neri’s Peoples in the state of Guerrero, an autonomous security initiative that arose on May 15th, 2017, against extortion and kidnappings by drug cartels like Los Guerreros Unidos, Los Rojos & La Familia Michoacana, which have made the region a sheer hell.

The events took place in Zumpango -Eduardo Neri’s municipal head- after the community members attended the site for a “help call” from the mayor, Pablo Higuera Fuentes -who belongs to Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD)– concerning a “motorcycle robbery by a young high school student”, that in voice of the prisioners relatives, “it turned out to be a trap already planned from before to ambush them and plant them crimes (…) the government does not want the people to do their work, that is why it seeks to repress or disappear those who we defend with weapons“. Immediately, state police began a persecution in the middle and lower part of “Cerro del Tepetlayo”; there, a first group of 27 people was arrested.

After half an hour, another group of community members aboard three trucks that were monitoring the access of México-Acapulco federal highway to the city, managed to retain a patrol with 6 police officers and a worker from BANSEFI (credit bank of México) who were delivered to the Mezcala’s Comissariat to “demand the immediate release of the comrades detained a few moments ago”, but the group was overwhelmed in number and was attacked by patrols and police vans, so that after another half hour, an officer on board a helicopter gave indications to capture 22 people more at the cost of pushing, kicking, slapping, pointing them with large weapons and other aggressions that are documented in video.

The next day, mothers, wives and relatives of the detainees protested outside the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) -ubicated in the state capital Chilpancingo- to demand the intervention of Human Rights and legal entities, as well as the immediate release of the 49 comunitarios as “the disarmament and aggressions against the Community Police were totally irregular”. In the Saturday afternoon, residents and peasants of Mezcala also blocked intermittently the México-Chilpancingo highway for three hours, carrying banners in which they propped up the mayor Pablo Higuera Fuentes as a “traitor to the agreements between the people and the authorities who undertook to support the community and not government that has been working for years with the cartels that have damaged us”.

However, at dawn on Tuesday, 42 members of the Community Police were transferred to the Center for Social Reintegration “Las Cruces” in Acapulco, while the other 7 are detained in a shelter for their minority. They are charged with the “crimes” of: carrying weapons and cartridges for army exclusive use, organized crime, deprivation of liberty, theft of vehicles and attacks on public peace… Three of them were secluded at Maximum Security Prison “Gómez Palacio” in Durango (Northern México) for the aggravating of “kidnapping”.

Photography: El Sur: Periódico de Guerrero

Since its inception, project members (or colloquially called “comunitarios”) installed checkpoints to preserve the peace of their communities 24 hours. The Guerrero citizenship that has observed substantial changes such as the minimization of kidnappings, vehicle thefts and assaults in commercial stores, contributes with the Community Police with voluntary donations, food and construction materials for the security modules.

With this operative, the Mexican State seeks to dismantle, through imprisonment and criminalization, the people who legitimately rise up in arms to fight in defense of their communities, since “they have no choice”: this is summed up in “defending oneself or dying“.

Gobierno de Guerrero busca desarticular a grupos de autodefensas encarcelando a 42 policías comunitarios de los pueblos de Eduardo Neri

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