Nearly on Independence Day, were let 3 decapited and bagged bodies with Mexican hats in Veracruz

Demián Revart

On the night of Wednesday, September 13th, three decapitated bodies appeared in black bags and tied with ribbon on Murillo Vidal Avenue, a few meters from the Government Palace of Veracruz in the state capital. The heads were accommodated on the bagged bodies in such a way that, in addition with surprise that resident citizens took when they found the heads wearing hats allusive to the Independence Day (these has the México flag colours), they felt the situation as something “too terrifying”. Also, another “symbol” was present when two brooms were observed in the scene crime, that in word of the inhabitants who know closely this kind of violent situation, it does reference to the “cleaning” between enemy cartels or an “adjustment of accounts”.

The allegory of patriotic hats is not to be taken as a cynicism of those who executed the act, it is in fact an everyday expression with all the open doors of organized crime and the systematic massacre of those who get into easy business of drugs, shouting – with such misdeeds to mark its territory- that it has neither schedules nor dates to operate and that it can continue spreading its parasitism even in the days of “party”.

Will the next picture be on Halloween or Christmas?

Dejan tres cuerpos decapitados, embolsados y con sombreros alusivos a fiestas patrias en Veracruz… ¡VIVA MÉXICO, CABRONES!


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