Why the Mexico New Airport is a megaproject of death?


Ruptura Colectiva (RC)

Since 2001, the dignified and rebel Atenco’s people, located in the Estado de México, has resisted the imposition of a mega-airport that, if built, would deprive hundreds of hectares of land to the farmers of the region, and also, to bring environmental problems to nearby villages.

In September 2014, president Enrique Peña Nieto announced the construction of the NAICM (New Mexico City International Airport), alerting not only Atenco, but more than 20 towns in the eastern part of the Estado de México that have been organized since 2015 in the Broad Front Against the New Airport and other Megaprojects, in alliance with different social organizations of the world, as well with the support of the CNI-EZLN.

In this video, ejidatarios (property farmers) from the community of Nexquipayac, Atenco, tell to the world why this project is a death initiative that will affect the whole country, both economically and environmentally. 


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