International solidarity with Indonesian libertarian comrades imprisoned for fight against a mega-airport death project!

Revolución Internacional / World Revolution


“Prison is a milestone in the revolutionaries’ path towards freedom. It’s an intermediary stop, but not the end” – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

On the 1st May 2018, Yogyakarta, dozens of anarchist were arrested during a furious riot against the Sultan and NYIA mega-airport projectt which threaten the Kulonprogo coastal community. 11 anarchist remain imprisoned for the fight with the police and the thugs of the Sultan. Comrade Ucil is charged with molotov attacks on cops bikes. The Indonesian state has used this moment to repress anarchist movement on the Archipelago and some comrades are in hiding or under investigation. Let’s light the spark of revolutionary solidarity and ignite the black international. Fire to Corporations, Investors, Tourists , and Banks operation in Indonesia.

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“Unfortunately the dream we carry in our hearts is too great to avoid the risk of finding ourselves up against the monstrous wall of authority raised in defense of the state and capital” – Nicola Gai

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