This is México! Indigenous community of Michoacán kicks out narcos who tried to subdue its people

Demián Revart

In all the media there has been talk of what happened in Nurio today as a simple ‘shootout’ -which unfortunately took the life of a villager and wounded two more- normalizing the violence that boils in Michoacán as if already does not exist solutions. In addition to that, what is really important was omitted in the spread information in both the written and virtual press: the importance of community organization and the autonomic process in terms of the replacement of government police by community rounds conformed only by volunteers of the town, being invisible aspects I consider indispensable to emphasize in this context of State terrorism and that today managed to save the lives of many people who could have been victims in the crossfire.

Approximately at 11:30 hrs. of this Tuesday 22th, several vehicles with heavily armed men entered the community of Nurio located in the municipality of Paracho, arriving at the Communal Plaza they began to shoot randomly and a few minutes later, bloody murdered the ex-representative of Communal Goods Don Jesús Álvarez -better known as “Chalino Sánchez”- who was close to the “Benito Juárez” college along with two other people who were injured.

Immediately, authorities and teachers of the town began a preventive evacuation of schools and main streets, in addition to asking the population in general not to panic and to take shelter in their homes until the conflict was resolved.

A few moments later, the confrontation began in order to kick out that armed narco-commando …

At 3:00 p.m., several villagers updated the facts, informing that a numerous group of ‘comuneros’ managed to block the way to the criminals who hid in an address on the street Torres Santos. After those tension moments, four of these people were dejected -and have already been identified by entering in “a black Chevrolet truck, model Captiva”– and the others were stopped by the people, all these actions without the supposed “support” of the State police that exacerbated the media again and again.

It is regrettable the explicit attempt to criminalize the armed self-defense of the Nurio’s comuneros by the State with what is exposed in the investigation folder of the General Procuracy of Justice of the State (PGJE) concerning the facts, which reads that “the victims arrived to vicinity of the community (…) and at a certain moment they had a difference with a group of comuneros. As a result of these events, shots were fired, causing the death of the four occupants of the vehicle”as if those humble peasants were the thugs and the narco-parasites were the victims, when they murdered without compassion a comrade, and if they could, their bullets would have taken the life of more people!

In accordance with the comments of this post in which the people of the community say; “we are in mourning but in permanent resistance too” or “if not even the Aztecs could dominate the P’ur’hépecha people, the less we will be conquered by organized crime”, I am 100% sure this July 1st the rage of the people will not only kick out the narcos and their armed cells of the region, but also the delinquents with suit and tie who sustain this bad government.


Nurio community is a pioneer in the autonomist movement of the indigenous peoples, being the seat of the III National Indigenous Congress (CNI) in 2003 in which an important delegation of the EZLN and dozens of ethnies from all over the country attended to talk about the relevance of rescuing all the social and cultural practices that communality represents, today projected in the democratic figure of the ‘Communal Council’ that has managed to consolidate different self-governments in the p’ur’hépechas communities of Arantepakua, Cherán K’eri and Pichátaro, as well for initiate some others in several of towns of Michoacán, Oaxaca, Morelos, Campeche, Nayarit, Chiapas and even in the CDMX.

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